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What Time of Year Do Most Divorces Happen?

Divorce is always a hard topic to discuss, however have you ever been curious to know if people tend to file more divorces in the winter or the summer? Are divorce rates slowing down as we jump into 2017? We found some interesting statistics about divorce and separation rates that may answer some of your questions.

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Annulment Vs Divorce

You and your spouse are looking to end your marriage? You may have heard about marriage annulment but you don’t know anything about the process and if your marriage is eligible for this process? Find out more about annulment and what differentiates annulment from divorce on this great article.

Postnuptial Agreement, a Marital Agreements

Marriages are difficult and protecting yourself by entering into a pre-nuptial agreement is a smart idea. But, what can you do if you are already married? A post-nuptial agreement is an option to consider. Find out more about post-nuptial agreements in North Carolina with this great resource from our Raleigh family lawyers.

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Free North Carolina Divorce Forms

Download your Free North Carolina Divorce Form on this link. We have provided some common North Carolina Divorce Forms. These are some common examples of the forms used by North Carolina Divorce Lawyers in typical divorce and family law cases.