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Divorce While a Spouse is Serving Jail Time

Getting married is often the happiest moment of many peoples lives. However, unforeseen events like a spouse receiving jail time can be a major factor that leads to divorce. Just because your spouse has been jailed doesn’t mean that you have to stay married.

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Do You Really Need a Divorce?

A lot of people talk about getting a divorce and never do for a variety of reasons. Occasionally, people get divorced and regret it later. Find out if you are ready for a divorce by asking these 4 simple questions.

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What Time of Year Do Most Divorces Happen?

Divorce is always a hard topic to discuss, however have you ever been curious to know if people tend to file more divorces in the winter or the summer? Are divorce rates slowing down as we jump into 2017? We found some interesting statistics about divorce and separation rates that may answer some of your questions.