avoid conflict during a divorceIt is no secret that going through a divorce is difficult, and there is often a great deal of conflict between two spouses during the process. Breaking up with your former loved one can be an experience filled with anger, hurt, resentment, and sadness. So what are some ways that you can avoid conflict with your spouse during the divorce process?

avoid conflict divorce

Tip 1: Avoid Arguments

To start, you should make a solid effort not to argue with your spouse. Of course this is easier said than done, but the fact is that the two of you arguing is only going to make matters worse.

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Limit communication between you and your spouse to written form, so that everything can be documented for your attorney and for potential future use in court. Written proof that your spouse is acting in bad faith or is you sending hurtful communications can often serve as a useful tool in pursuing your legal claims. A family court judge does not appreciate bad behavior, and this kind of evidence can damage a party’s case. Remember that this goes both ways, and that you need to monitor and control your own words as well. Although it is tempting to respond to your spouse’s spiteful words with spiteful words in return, keep in mind that you are essentially under a microscope during a divorce.

Take a time-out when you feel yourself getting angry. Avoid using “trigger words” that you know will set off an argument with your spouse. Remain calm at all times, and absolutely do not allow interactions with your spouse to escalate to the point of violence.

divorce social media privacyTip 2: Check Privacy Settings on Social Media

Speaking of written communications, do not forget that any social media accounts you have may be scrutinized closely by your spouse and his or her attorney. Check the privacy settings on your social media accounts, and think very carefully about every post that you share.

Even if your account is private, there are still ways that information can be found by others.

The safest thing to do is take a break from social media during this tumultuous time, and whatever you do, do not speak about your divorce or your spouse at all on social media. Keep your personal business personal.

avoiding conflict in divorceTip 3: Communicate Through An Attorney If Necessary

Some divorces are more contentious than others. If you and your spouse are completely unable to communicate in a civil manner even in writing, you may elect to communicate through your attorney instead. Your attorney is your advocate, and he or she can communicate effectively on your behalf without emotion clouding his or her judgment. Your attorney may also assist you with getting your needs met without having to go through your spouse.

avoid conflict during divorce emotionallyTip 4: Take Care of Yourself Emotionally

Finally, it is important that you take care of yourself emotionally. Seeing a therapist during the divorce process can be immensely helpful, because a therapist’s job is to listen and to help you cope with your feelings. There are also several local divorce support groups where you can interact with other people who are dealing with the same issues. Remember that you are not alone and that there are resources available to help you through this difficult time.

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