Child Custody

Black and white pictures of a dad with his baby

How Wage Garnishment Works for Child Support

When it comes to supporting your family, our child custody and support attorneys understand that there can be confusion surrounding wage garnishment for child support. We are here to help you understand your rights and what to expect, no matter which side you’re on. In North Carolina, depending on how child custody is determined, the […]

claiming a child on taxes after divorce

Who Claims the Children on Their Taxes After a Divorce?

It’s no secret that your financial situation changes drastically after a divorce. In addition to your household income being cut in half, the way you file your taxes will change. One of the most common questions divorced couples have is who will claim their child(ren) on their taxes. Claiming your child(ren) on your taxes means […]

Child support after remarriage

What Happens to Child Support if I Remarry?

If you currently receive or pay child support and are considering remarriage after divorce, whether you’re in a serious relationship or simply thinking about what the future may hold, you may be wondering how remarriage impacts child support. It’s a common issue and while it’s not simple or easy, it is more straightforward that most people think.