Child Custody

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How the “Best Interest of the Child” Principle Affects Custody

If a child custody case must be settled by a judge, rather than negotiated and agreed upon by the two parents, they will determine both legal and physical custody using the “best interest of the child” principle. Many parents don’t understand what this means, whether a judge has guidelines to use or they are ruling […]

Mother and daughter after a successful custody settlement conference

How to Prepare for Your Custody Settlement Conference

During a divorce, one of the most challenging issues to settle is child custody. Both parents love and want the best for their children while also wanting to spend more time with them. On top of this, there are often disagreements about parenting and how to raise the children, and these all often combine to […]

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What Is Involved in Terminating Parental Rights

Parental rights come with serious responsibility, from the right to have a say in a child’s upbringing, to getting to spend time with and raise your child. If a parent is unable or unwilling to meet those responsibilities, the court can find the parent unfit and revoke their legal parental rights. Terminating parental rights is […]