Dealing With Divorce

Mother talking to daughter about divorce

10 Keys to Talking to Kids About Divorce

When it comes to talking to your children about divorce, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure your kids feel supported and understand the situation. But talking to children about divorce is always difficult even under the best of circumstances. How do you handle it when you’re angry, hurt, or feeling betrayed? […]

woman using social media during divorce

7 Tips for Social Media During Your Divorce

Social Media During Divorce: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Depending on your situation, social media interaction can be good or dangerous when it comes to a divorce. We are sharing some tips on how to avoid conflict on social media, whether you are currently going through a divorce, recently divorced, or considering your […]

Packing after a spouse leaves or asks for a divorce in Raleigh

5 Steps to Take If Your Spouse Leaves You

Whether you come home one day to find your spouse has packed up and left or they simply tell you they want a divorce out of the blue, your first thought may not be how to prepare and protect your future. In fact, you’ll most likely be processing a variety of emotions – shock, disbelief, […]