where to file for divorce

What State Should I File My Divorce In?

Deciding to file for divorce is a big step and comes with a lot of decisions and changes. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is where to file for divorce. The state and county you file for divorce in can have an impact on your proceedings so it is a good idea […]

protect your money during divorce

Top 7 Financial Considerations During Divorce

It’s a fact: divorce can be expensive and the financial repercussions can last for years. Money is one of the primary issues that spouses argue about when a marriage is ending, and ironically, arguing about money is also one of the main reasons couples divorce. This post contains some financial considerations to take into account […]

who pays attorney's fees in a divorce

Who Pays the Legal Fees in a Divorce?

Divorces are stressful mentally, emotionally, and financially. While uncontested or amicable divorces can cost as little as $1,000, contested divorces may end up costing thousands of dollars once it’s all said and done. With that much money on the line, a lot of couples wonder who pays the attorney’s fees in a divorce. The answer […]

talking to kids about divorce

10 Keys to Talking to Kids About Divorce

Talking to children about divorce is always difficult even under the best of circumstances, but how do you handle it when you’re angry, hurt, or feeling betrayed? You may have every right to be angry at your spouse, but it is essential for the wellbeing of your children that you set that aside when explaining […]