abandonment north carolina

Abandonment in North Carolina

Many factors can contribute to leaving the marital home, but there are repercussions to moving out. Be sure you know the legality of property division and other aspects of separation and divorce that can be affected by moving out.

raleigh absolute divorce

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Filing For Absolute Divorce In Raleigh

North Carolina requires that you be separated for a period of one year before being eligible to file for Raleigh absolute divorce. For example, if you separated on April 1, 2013, you are eligible to file for Raleigh divorce on or after April 2, 2014.  Why You Should Seek Legal Support I can imagine some […]

can i date while separated in nc

Can I Date While Separated In NC?

It’s an age old question, “Should I date while separated?” Well, the choice is yours, but after taking a closer look at the history of divorce results in North Carolina, you might be wise to reconsider.