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divorce tips for 2018

Tips to Prepare You for Divorce in 2018

January is often considered “Divorce Month” among lawyers and couples therapists. For this reason, our Raleigh divorce attorney’s have decided to provide some helpful divorce tips for you to start off the new year.

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Tax Implications from Your Divorce

Don’t fail to prepare for changes in your finances and tax liabilities. Knowing what you will need and how divorce changes your filing status can put you in a better position when filing your annual income taxes.

contested vs uncontested divorce

Contested vs Uncontested Divorce: What is the Difference?

Although divorces seem like they can be “cookie-cutter” cases, that can be further from the truth. In fact, divorces are never just open and closed. Depending on the nature of your marriage and the resulting fallout, you may be faced with contesting a divorce. If you and your spouse are in agreement, then an uncontested divorce may be possible.