Family Law & Divorce

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What is Marital Property?

The one good thing about divorce is that it forces us to expand our vocabulary. Terms like Equitable Distribution, marital property, divisible property, and asset tracking are not often the subject of witty dinner conversations and I am still waiting for John Grisham to flesh them out in a novel about a young divorce lawyer […]

Warning Signs You Might Be Headed For A Divorce

Throughout marriage, many factors play a role in whether a couple stays together. Each partner must give a certain level of support, love and care in order for the marriage to work. Here are many on the common signs a marriage is headed for a divorce.

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How to Decide Between a Family Law Attorney and a Divorce Lawyer?

If you and your partner are ending your marriage, you’ve probably already given thought to hiring legal representation. Your research turns up both divorce lawyers and family law attorneys in NC, but you’re not sure which option is right for you. To help you decide, we’re looking at the difference between family law and divorce […]