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How to Establish Marital Standard of Living During Divorce

Divorce comes with a lot of changes and one of the biggest is typically the reduction of income each member of a couple experiences when they separate from their spouse. For some people, especially those that make significantly less than their spouse or those that don’t work at all, they may worry about what will […]

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Welcome Tomomi Atamas

We are proud to announce that Tomomi Atamas, an accomplished female divorce attorney, is now part of the Doyle Law Group! About Tomomi Atamas Tomomi earned her Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School in 2012 and comes to The Doyle Law Group from New York City where she practiced corporate securities law. After volunteering […]

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How Are Assets Divided During a Divorce

When a new client sits down with our Raleigh divorce attorneys for the first time, one of their greatest concerns is how their belongings will be separated or if they will lose everything. It’s certainly understandable – no one wants to start off a new future in an uncertain place or in financial distress.  To […]

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What Happens to Child Support if I Remarry?

If you currently receive or pay child support and are considering remarriage after divorce, whether you’re in a serious relationship or simply thinking about what the future may hold, you may be wondering how remarriage impacts child support. It’s a common issue and while it’s not simple or easy, it is more straightforward that most people think.