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Warning Signs You Might Be Headed For A Divorce

Throughout marriage, many factors play a role in whether a couple stays together. Each partner must give a certain level of support, love and care in order for the marriage to work. Here are many on the common signs a marriage is headed for a divorce.

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Balancing Work and Divorce

After a life changing event like divorce, it is only natural to find difficulty returning to work. Follow the advice of experienced family law attorneys to help transition back into a work environment.

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Common Law Marriage in North Carolina

Common Law Marriage is a term that is often tossed around casually by those who view couples in a long term, cohabitational relationship. There are many misconceptions regarding this type of civil union and our Raleigh Family Lawyers shed some light on this type of marriage.

Lawyer for Divorce in Prison

Divorce While a Spouse is Serving Jail Time

Getting married is often the happiest moment of many peoples lives. However, unforeseen events like a spouse receiving jail time can be a major factor that leads to divorce. Just because your spouse has been jailed doesn’t mean that you have to stay married.