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What Fees Are Involved in a Divorce in North Carolina?

When considering a divorce, you have a multitude of factors to consider – whether you’re ready for a divorce, what’s best for the kids, how will property be divided – but one of the main concerns is cost. In fact, many people stay in a marriage solely because they don’t know if they can afford […]

Uncontested Divorce Without a Lawyer

Can You Get an Uncontested Divorce Without a Lawyer?

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved and no one wants to drag out their divorce. If you and your spouse can agree on all aspects of your separation, seeking an uncontested divorce is a great way to expedite the process. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it will be easy, just that you’ll be granted a divorce faster than if you have a contested divorce.

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Do You Need an Expert Witness in Your Divorce Case?

When you think of an expert witness, you are more likely to picture a criminal case, where an expert witness is a doctor or psychiatrist. Experts are often brought in during divorces, too, and if your divorce is contested and going to trial, having an expert may help you get the settlement or custody arrangement […]

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Fathers’ Custody Rights in North Carolina

There is still the expectation in our society that mothers are to be the sole caregivers and fathers to be breadwinners, more dedicated to careers than family. The reality these days is that both parents may work outside the home and more fathers are taking a proactive role in childcare than ever before. This shift […]

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Common Law Marriage in North Carolina

Common Law Marriage is a term that is often tossed around casually by those who view couples in a long term, cohabitational relationship. There are many misconceptions regarding this type of civil union and our Raleigh Family Lawyers shed some light on this type of marriage.