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Top 7 Financial Considerations During Divorce

It’s a fact: divorce can be expensive and the financial repercussions can last for years. Money is one of the primary issues that spouses argue about when a marriage is ending, and ironically, arguing about money is also one of the main reasons couples divorce. This post contains some financial considerations to take into account […]

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9 Reasons You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

If you’ve only heard of prenuptial agreements, sometimes called premarital agreements, when a celebrity couple splits, you’re not alone. Most people think of prenups as something for the rich and famous, but that is changing. While a 2003 Harvard Law study found that only 5% of couples had prenups, lawyers report that number has grown […]

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Who Gets the Engagement Ring After Divorce?

Dividing marital assets can be tricky, but determining who gets the engagement ring is whole other matter. Deciding who gets the ring can be determined by a variety of factors. If you need help with your property division case, our Raleigh divorce attorneys can help.