raleigh will attorneyAs a parent, you know the joy, the love, and the worry that comes with having children. We want the best for them always. While we are here, we can do everything in our power to protect them and see to their needs, but what if the worst happens? What if you are gone? Who will have custody? Who will take over your assets and protect them for your children? How will you know that they are being taken care of?

Do Not Overlook the Importance of a Will and Trust

A proper will and creation of a Minor Trust, you can provide for your children and appoint the trustee (the person who controls the money) and set up rules for using the money for the benefit of your children. You can create trusts for their education and for them to receive money and assets free and clear once they become adults.

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Do you want the courts appointing people that you do not know who will likely charge substantial trustee fees? Do you want to express your wishes with regard to the custody of your minor children provided you are the last remaining parent or you and your spouse perish together? These are very serious issues that cannot be left to chance or the benevolence of our government. Contact us and we would be happy to sit down with you and assist you in creating a plan to protect your family.

Do You Need a Will? Don’t Let the Government Handle Your Estate!

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