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When you're choosing a divorce attorney in Raleigh, it's important to work with someone with a proven record for excellence. Read the reviews below from clients we've served in the past.

Glenn and team were extremely thorough, detailed and the quality of their work was impressive. Very pleased with my experience using the Doyle Law Group.
Rachel S.
The day I decided to visit the Doyle Law Group was one of the saddest days of my life. My husband asked for a divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage. I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't an expert or anything close to it in terms of what my rights were.However, I soon learned within the 1st 15 minutes I had made the right decision. I first spoke with Mr. Doyle about my case. I never felt rushed or made to feel incompetent for not knowing " lawyer speak". Afterwards, I was told what to expect if I decided to hire his firm to represent me. I decided the next day. Shawna, who runs the office faxed, emailed, and communicated with me every single step of the way. This woman is impressive! Soon afterwards I spoke with my attorney Brian. He was polite and extremely knowledgeable about how we would proceed, but he never dictated what I had to do. We discussed and decided on the best course of action. If he didn't think it was the best course to benefit me, he said so and explained why. Brian and Shawna truly had my back, and in the end my smile was back! They saw that justice was served on my behave and I could not be more appreciative or thank them enough.I feel like I lost a friend in Shawna because we corresponded so much!I'm not rich nor am I a scholar, but I felt like an equal and was respected by this law firm.Again...thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Brian S.
I highly recommend this place. People are nice and very professional. Shawna, Brian, and Tomomi are great. Glenn is the boss and he is good. They will get your issues settled quickly. Thank you Doyle Law. Group
Beth K.
Doyle lawgroup handled my situation quickly even with all the added hurdles and hoops of Covid 19. I cannot say enough praise for Shawna. She responded to each email and phone call and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Highly recommend Doyle!
Robert C.
Honestly and with all sincerity, not only would I highly recommend the Doyle Law Group, I cannot say enough positive things about how amazing they were in making this difficult and highly emotional experience much easier and more palpable. To start, their website alone is straight-forward, informative, well maintained and updated, easy to navigate, and provides multiple options to contact them for information and to schedule an initial consultation.Almost immediately after submitting my information, I was contacted by Shawna Henderson, the office manager. Shawna became an on-going valuable resource. From the beginning, she was not only professional and knowledgeable, she was also a calming presence who helped facilitate scheduling all appointments. She was both concise and thorough in outlining every detail. Shawna offered availability and flexibility with several dates and times to meet with an attorney. She also offered options to schedule either in-person or phone appointments. Throughout the entire process, Shawna was always prompt to reply to any and all of my questions as well as routinely forwarding me progress updates for my own record keeping purposes.Initially, I was paired with two attorneys; Jennifer Smith who was my primary contact and J. Brian Winslow who familiarized himself with the case for coverage purposes. My initial consultation with Jennifer only furthered my confidence. I viewed her knowledge and experience as valuable, especially not knowing what to expect. Within hours of my initial consultation, I retained The Doyle Law Group (Jennifer/Brian). After months of back and forth negotiating with my ex-husband's counsel, I was met with another decision as Jennifer had announced that she was leaving the law firm to explore other professional options. In my opinion, this was handled very professionally. Immediately following the official announcement, I was contacted by Shawna who outlined and explained my options to either follow Jennifer in her new career path or to stay with the Doyle Law Group; resulting in Brian being my primary contact. With much consideration, I decided to stay with the Doyle Law Group and Brian seamlessly transitioned having already been familiar with my case.Brian was, in one word, phenomenal. He made himself readily available and would often initiate contact ensuring I was kept abreast of potential changes to the situation. It's no secret that this is an expensive process and I shamefully will admit that there were times when my retainer dropped below I wanted it to. Brian's attentiveness however, never wavered. If anything, I felt I was more mindful in remembering that I was paying for his service. Brian's actions proved that it was more than just a business for him which was refreshing and, in my opinion, enough to recommend him for anyone looking for legal representation.Brian excelled at explained information from a layman's perspective. He would offer multiple options with potential outcomes while providing suggestions and advice; not giving finite solutions. Armed with the information he provided and confident that he always maintained my best interest, decision making felt effortless and finding a resolution became a collaborative process. I always felt well prepared, confident, and well represented with Brian by my side during negotiations and ultimately the mediation process. Along with his knowledge and understanding of the legal matters, Brian also offered compassion, support, and empathy; all of which I was not expecting making it obvious that I didn't get lost among his other clients.If given the ability, I would rate my experience far more than the allotted 5 stars. If you find yourself in need of lawyer feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unaware of where to begin, I highly recommend and encourage you to consider The Doyle Law Group.
Ben R.
Received not only excellent legal advice, but was dealt with in a professional manner that clearly indicated that the Doyle Law Group had my best interest in mind throughout the time period I was a client of theirs.While divorce is never an easy thing for parties involved, the Doyle Law Group excelled in making the difficult process bearable for me. They took time to explain things to me in layman's terms, as well as provided me with multiple opportunities to choose from instead of prescribing a solution; this made me feel like I was not just doing what they told me, but participating in the resolution of my case.Additionally, I was using their services in a 100% remote capacity. Doyle Law Group was particularly advanced in this regard, where other law firms and services I have used in the past were nearly incapable of handling clients who were not geographically nearby. Their flexibility and modernized office technologies offer a benefit over competitors who operate with in-person visits only.
Courtney B.
I would highly recommend The Doyle Law Group. Every person on the team is highly knowledgeable, professional and makes a difficult situation easier to handle. I’ve had the opportunity to work with both Glenn and Brian on my case and was highly impressed with both. Shawna handles the day to day operations of the firm and is an excellent communicator and quick to respond to any question you may have. If you are looking for a team of people who truly care about you and your case and uses your funds wisely, look no further. You will not be disappointed.
Michele B.
I will forever be grateful for all the hard work and dedication from all the staff who I had the pleasure of working with at Doyle Law Group. One of the most difficult things to go through in life is divorce and child custody. Glenn, Jennifer, Shawna, Jeremy, and Brian all showed compassion for my case. Their guidance and counseling through this difficult time gave me comfort to know my family was in good hands. You don’t realize how long sometimes this can take and every second with them was worth it, because at the end they won my case. Thank You Doyle Law Group.
Hardison W.
Cannot say enough about this firm or one of their lawyers, Jennifer Smith. I have practiced law for over 10 years in NC and though I do not handle family law matters myself, whenever any of my clients need someone I proudly recommend Jennifer. She has a brilliant, careful legal mind that is rarely equaled by the other side. If you need a family law attorney, Jennifer Smith would be my highest recommendation.
Josh B.
Jennifer Smith was the most professional, honest, and detailed attorney I’ve worked with. While going through difficult times, she is able provide excellent advice and guide you through the extremely complicated processes. She is an amazing ally to have on your side and will always be there for your best interests. The entire staff is responsive and will be there for any questions or advice. I would highly recommend them.
Nancy P.
It’s never fun to have to hire an attorney, but actually hiring a great attorney is such a relief. Jennifer was such a breath of fresh air in the midst of a painful situation. She is compassionate yet knows how to command respect and control the situation when the time comes. When it comes to family law, this firm is exactly where you need to be!
Andrea Y.
Jeremy and his entire team worked with professionalism and compassion to guide me through the most difficult time of my life and to an outcome that was best for my family and myself. He kept me updated at every step of the process, and I never felt as if my case was set aside. Doyle Law Group is incredible and I highly, highly recommend their services.
Daphne M.
Jennifer was extremely compassionate and efficient. She made the entire process so much easier for our family and kept us all sane! I highly recommend her.
Elle Dawn P.
I have used this firm for jobs big and small, and trust them immensely.
Christy Y.
Jennifer Smith is the most knowledgeable, professional and genuine attorneys I’ve worked with. I have referred many others to this law firm. The entire staff was wonderful throughout my unfortunate situation. Without Jennifer, I certainly wouldn’t have had such a good outcome that could have been drug out in court and costed me a lot more money. I was fortunate, she was able to get my situation expedited due to her background and knowledge. However, had it not...I wouldn’t have wanted any other attorney by my side in the courtroom. I’ve worked with many attorneys, and by far Ms. Smith is top notch.
Melissa L.
Fantastic firm I was referred to by a family friend. Jennifer is amazing : ) I would recommend them to anyone!
Elizabeth S.
Jeremy Spears has shown me professionalism, guidance, empathy and so much more! He and his assistant, Shawna, are very responsive when it comes to emails, phone calls, and scheduling. I cannot say enough good things. Should you ever find yourself needing a family law attorney, I highly recommend Doyle Law Group!
Lacy P.
Glenn Doyle and his entire team at The Doyle Law Group helped me to get through one of the scariest and most stressful events I have ever faced. He and his team were wonderful at helping to explain things and took the time to listen to my concerns to help my situation run as smoothly as a divorce that involves children could possibly go. Glenn Doyle truly handled my situation with compassion and professionalism and I am very grateful I chose him as my lawyer.
Kristin R.
Jeremy Spears was my attorney during my divorce, which started as a separation. He was wonderful to work with during such a difficult time. He was honest with me about options to take, the amount different routes would cost, and the pros and cons of each. He is an extremely patient lawyer. I felt like he always had my and my children's best interest at heart. He was always quick to respond to my concerns and let me decide in the end. I never felt pushed or uncomfortable in anyway. He was encouraging, supportive, educated, and trustworthy during a time and situation where most would become overwhelmed. Above all else his expertise truly got me through a tough experience. I would recommend Jeremy Spears to anyone needing a Family Law Attorney. He is amazing!
C T.
I became a client of Glenn Doyle in 2009. Over the years I have experienced integrity and professionalism with this group of Attorneys. The Doyle Law Group, represented me in a divorce, child custody, equitable distribution and several Show Cause hearing against my ex wife. We won every case! Glenn, Jennifer & Sarah represented me in court and did excellent work. The long journey of Court dates, depositions & other settlements were exhausting, but I'm personally at peace today, because The Doyle Law Group was by my side through the entire time. Outstanding!!
Kim M.
Glenn has been my attorney for over three years and helped me with changing custody and obtaining child support from my ex-husband. My case was difficult due to ever changing circumstances and Glenn and his team hung in there with me through all the changes. His staff is very friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend them.
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