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Alimony Resource Library

Looking to understand all the complexities of alimony? We've assembled numerous resources below to aid you in your research and to try to make the process as easy and as understandable as possible.

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Alimony Basics

What you should know about alimony in North Carolina.

Top 15 Alimony & Support Factors

You should know the factors that contribute to your alimony payout in North Carolina.

Raleigh Post Separation Support

Formerly known as alimony pendent lite, is very similar to alimony, but is paid for a shorter term.

North Carolina Alimony Law

North Carolina’s divorce laws can be very confusing, and alimony support can be even more challenging to understand.

Factors Effecting Alimony In North Carolina

Your case is unique, and no one will be able to exactly pinpoint what you will owe or receive. Depending on a variety of factors, you could receive more or less than you expect.

Hiding or Suppressing Income

We are often faced with the issue of the opposing party hiding or suppressing their true income or ability to earn in domestic cases.

How to Get Alimony in North Carolina

If you are seeking alimony from your spouse, there are a few steps to take to receive your full entitlement.

Attorney Fees Explained

Our process is simple: meet with our attorneys, discuss your case, tell us about you, your case, and your goals.