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Dedicated to working on your behalf to achieve your goals and protect your rights.

We offer a wide variety of divorce legal services in Raleigh, NC, so whether you’re at the beginning of your separation or want to change child support arrangements, we’re here to help.

The attorneys and team at the Doyle Law Group P.A. are dedicated to working on your behalf to achieve your goals and protect your rights. If you’re in need of an experienced, results-driven family law firm, we are available to assist, and with our track record for success and reputation for advocacy and aggressive representation, you can feel confident you’re getting a legal ally you can rely on.

Areas of Practice

Divorce & Property Division

Alienation of Affection

Alimony & Support

Child Support & Custody

Consent Orders

Domestic Violence

Prenuptual Agreements

Separation Agreements

Grandparent's Rights

Other Family Law Services

Alienation Of Affection

One of the most difficult consultations to have is with clients who have recently found out that their spouse is having an affair, as there are no legal remedies that can take away the pain and anguish they are feeling. Our alienation of affection lawyers can help if you are considering holding a third party accountable for their role in your struggle.

Alimony & Support

Whether you’re seeking support from your spouse or you are fighting against payments, our experienced alimony attorneys can help you navigate your options and understand your rights as well as fight for your best interests.

Consent Orders

A consent order is a legally binding child custody arrangement that is signed off during a custody suit. Often, a couple who is divorcing will create a mutually beneficial child custody agreement, and then a “friendly” lawsuit will be filed to ensure the agreement is legally enforceable. If you have concerns about an existing consent order in North Carolina or would like to have one drawn up and made legally enforceable, we can help.

Domestic Violence

Are you being abused and need help with the legal system? Have you been falsely accused and need an experienced domestic violence lawyer to help? Our domestic violence attorneys can help.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a way to protect your premarital assets in the event of a divorce. Our attorneys can draw up an agreement that not only protects your assets but also protects both parties from issues like student loan debt and estate issues.

Separation Agreements

During the legally mandated 12-month separation period before filing for divorce, our attorneys can draft a separation agreement. This contract can create an arrangement for things like paying mortgages on mutually-owned property, child custody, and property division until the divorce is finalized.

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