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Six Keys to Making Sound Decisions During a Divorce

Making sound decisions can be difficult when you’re in the midst of a divorce. The stress of this major life change can cause people to do or say things they normally wouldn’t, and people often make decisions that come back to haunt them. This can happen to anyone, even the most rational and level headed […]

where to file for divorce

What State Should I File My Divorce In?

Deciding to file for divorce is a big step and comes with a lot of decisions and changes. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is where to file for divorce. The state and county you file for divorce in can have an impact on your proceedings so it is a good idea […]

protect your money during divorce

Top 7 Financial Considerations During Divorce

It’s a fact: divorce can be expensive and the financial repercussions can last for years. Money is one of the primary issues that spouses argue about when a marriage is ending, and ironically, arguing about money is also one of the main reasons couples divorce. This post contains some financial considerations to take into account […]

which divorce forms need to be notarized

Which Divorce Forms Need to be Notarized?

Notarizing a document is a way to confirm that a document is authentic, the signature is genuine, and was not signed by someone under duress or intimidation. It essentially states that the document can be trusted. During legal proceedings like divorce, notarization is part of the process. The Divorce Forms That Need to Be Notarized […]

how anger hurts your divorce case

How Anger Hurts Your Divorce Case

Divorces are painful and, depending on the situation, you may be feeling betrayed or deceived. Feeling divorce anger, or even hatred, is completely normal, but letting anger get the best of you is a huge mistake that could impact the outcome of your divorce case. We always recommend seeking counseling during a divorce to help […]