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Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence?

Do you need a domestic violence lawyer in Raleigh? Are you being abused and need help with the legal system? Are false accusations threatening to ruin your life?

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What is the Legal Result of a Domestic Violence Case in Raleigh?

Domestic violence law is an ever changing area of law in North Carolina. This type of abuse has plagued our society and extraordinary legal efforts have offered help for those affected. In many cases, these efforts are successful. Victims have the ability to file for restraining orders and special courts have been set up to prosecute offenders. Abuse counseling is mandated for offenders and services are available to child abuse victims and witnesses.

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As with all areas of our legal system, the Courts are obligated to ensure justice and due process. This means that in cases of domestic violence and NCGS Chapter 50-B, both parties are entitled to restraining orders. At The Doyle Law Group, P.A., we have assisted clients on both sides of restraining order cases for over 20 years.

Find Complaint and Motion for Domestic Violence Protective Order forms online.

Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence in North Carolina?

Have you been wrongly accused? Have the circumstances been exaggerated or do you just need help? Are you being denied the right to see your children based on lies or exaggerations?

Unfortunately, making help more accessible for victims has also made it easier to abuse the system. False accusations of abuse can – and do –  ruin lives.

At The Doyle Law Group, we fight false claims of abuse so you can get your life back.

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