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Post Separation Support

What is Post Separation Support?

Post Separation Support (PSS), formerly known as alimony pendent lite, is very similar to alimony, but is paid for a shorter term. PSS is support that is paid post separation and pre-divorce or pre-alimony trial.

It is a quick way to ensure that a “dependent spouse” can financially survive until an alimony trial can occur.

Should I Seek Post Separation Support?

Alimony trials take months to prepare, and an overburdened court system can often slow your case. Since it provides interim support to the dependent spouse, PSS can be heard on affidavit alone. In some counties, it is heard in a very short (1 hour) hearing often within 45 days of making a claim.

Where alimony deals with the effectiveness, or lack thereof of defenses, PSS claims require immediate action and are subject to stringent local evidentiary rules.

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