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When you’re choosing a divorce attorney in Raleigh, it’s important to work with someone with a proven record for excellence. To learn more about us, read the reviews below from clients we’ve served in the past.

  • I would highly recommend The Doyle Law Group. Every person on the team is highly knowledgeable, professional and makes a difficult situation easier to handle. I’ve had the opportunity to work with both Glenn and Brian on my case and was highly impressed with both. Shawna handles the day to day operations of the firm and is an excellent communicator and quick to respond to any question you may have. If you are looking for a team of people who truly care about you and your case and uses your funds wisely, look no further. You will not be disappointed.

    —Courtney, from Raleigh, NC

  • The day I decided to visit the Doyle Law Group was one of the saddest days of my life. My husband asked for a divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage. I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't an expert or anything close to it in terms of what my rights were. However, I soon learned within the 1st 15 minutes I had made the right decision. I first spoke with Mr. Doyle about my case. I never felt rushed or made to feel incompetent for not knowing " lawyer speak". Afterwards, I was told what to expect if I decided to hire his firm to represent me. I decided the next day. Shawna, who runs the office faxed, emailed, and communicated with me every single step of the way. This woman is impressive! Soon afterwards I spoke with my attorney Brian. He was polite and extremely knowledgeable about how we would proceed, but he never dictated what I had to do. We discussed and decided on the best course of action. If he didn't think it was the best course to benefit me, he said so and explained why. Brian and Shawna truly had my back, and in the end my smile was back! They saw that justice was served on my behave and I could not be more appreciative or thank them enough. I feel like I lost a friend in Shawna because we corresponded so much! I'm not rich nor am I a scholar, but I felt like an equal and was respected by this law firm. Again...thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    —Rachel, from Raleigh, NC

  • Doyle Law Group handled my situation quickly even with all the added hurdles and hoops of Covid 19. I cannot say enough praise for Shawna. She responded to each email and phone call and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Highly recommend Doyle!

    —Beth, from Raleigh, NC

  • I highly recommend this place. People are nice and very professional. Shawna, Brian, and Tomomi are great. Glenn is the boss and he is good. They will get your issues settled quickly. Thank you Doyle Law. Group

    —Brian, from Raleigh, NC

  • Received not only excellent legal advice, but was dealt with in a professional manner that clearly indicated that the Doyle Law Group had my best interest in mind throughout the time period I was a client of theirs. While divorce is never an easy thing for parties involved, the Doyle Law Group excelled in making the difficult process bearable for me. They took time to explain things to me in layman's terms, as well as provided me with multiple opportunities to choose from instead of prescribing a solution; this made me feel like I was not just doing what they told me, but participating in the resolution of my case. Additionally, I was using their services in a 100% remote capacity. Doyle Law Group was particularly advanced in this regard, where other law firms and services I have used in the past were nearly incapable of handling clients who were not geographically nearby. Their flexibility and modernized office technologies offer a benefit over competitors who operate with in-person visits only.

    —Ben, from Raleigh, NC

  • Glenn really did a great job on my case. He kept me informed along the way and helped me with the process. Divorce is not easy, but Glenn and his staff really went the extra mile with me to make me feel comfortable and condifdent about what was happening and what was going to happen. From the first consult, I knew he was not "selling" me on anything, and he absolutely knew his stuff. Thanks Glenn for all your help!

    —Anne, from Raleigh, NC

  • By the time we were referred to Glenn Doyle, we had struggled through 5 years of the judicial system. We had all of the typical problems associated with divorce and child custody issues. Our situation had gotten so out of hand the children were suffering greatly. We continued to struggle with the court system and trying to find help for our children, when someone in our church referred us to Glenn Doyle. We were very impressed with his professionalism. His knowledge of the judicial system helped our case proceed in the most effective and positive way. We would recommend Glenn Doyle to anyone looking for a professional and caring attorney.

    —Steve & Sharon, from Raleigh, NC

  • Mr. Doyle's legal guidence has proven to be very beneficial.

    —Greg, from Raleigh, NC

  • I'm very thankful to have been referred to attorney Glenn Doyle. He handled my case expeditiously and with great professionalism. His courteous staff was also a tremendous help. My concerns received prompt attention throughout the process; and Glenn even continued to be available to answer questions after my case was settled when I sought further clarifications.

    —RH, from Raleigh, NC

  • It was a pleasure to deal with Glenn Doyle. The professionalism in which he handled my case was impeccable. He and his staff were prompt, courteous, really made me feel like I was top priority. A divorce is something no one wants to go through but having Glenn on my side really made the process easy and effortless. Can't thank him enough, highly recommended.

    —E. Brooks, from Raleigh, NC

  • Attorney Glenn Doyle has represented me for over five years. We've appeared in Court nearly fifteen times for Divorce, Child support, Custody, Equitable Distribution, Show Cause and Ex-parte Custody hearings. In one of our first meetings, Glenn asked me to tell him the truth. This is the foundation we built our Attorney Client relationship on, truth! Glenn is a man of integrity, honesty and character. Glenn is always prepared for the hearing, expecting the unexpected and ready for it!
    I must add, we won each and every case mentioned above. It has been one of the most difficult experiences I have encountered, but It is reassuring to know, when I appear in Court, I'm in good hands with the combine legal efforts of Attorney's Doyle, Smith and Flowers, "The Doyle Law Group".

    —C. Taylor, from Cary, N.C.

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