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The Top 6 Ways You Can Save On Raleigh Attorney Fees

Hiring an attorney to represent you is a significant financial investment, but there are things clients can do to help minimize the attorney’s fees incurred in their case.

Here Are The Top 6 Tips To Save On Your Raleigh Attorney Fees

  1. If your attorney utilizes email, take advantage of this method of communication. Unless your attorney tells you otherwise, be sure to copy any paralegals or other staff members who may be working on the case on your emails. I personally find this helpful since, if I am in court, there can be significant delay in being able to read a client’s email to forward to the paralegal. When the paralegal is copied on the email, he or she can go ahead and work on addressing any issues/questions while I am not available.
  2. If you prefer to talk on the phone, make a list of all of your questions/concerns and make one phone call per day. Doing it this way, versus multiple calls a day, makes for more efficient use of time and thus costs less money to the client.
  3. Utilize paralegals/staff members when you can. If you do not need legal advice or instruction as to case strategy, you may be able to address any questions/concerns with a paralegal or other staff member. Typically their hourly rates are significantly lower than the attorney’s hourly rates, so this can be a significant savings. If you need to know your court date or what documents you need to bring to your next appointment, ask a staff person versus the attorney. If the paralegal or staff member cannot answer your question, they can take a detailed message to pass along to the attorney so he or she can respond. Detailed messages, versus just have him or her call me back, again allows your attorney/staff members to more effectively work on your case.
  4. Organize and copy any document brought to your attorney’s office. Ask your Raleigh attorney what way of organizing your personal documents would be most helpful to them and if making multiple copies of the documents would be helpful. Take direction from the attorney and their staff. If you do not feel comfortable doing it, that is understandable. What I would suggest you keep in mind is if you bring a grocery bag of documents (which has happened to me) and I spend hours sorting through this mass of paperwork; that is costing the client money. Spending the time to group bills together and putting them in folders or notebooks will be helpful to your attorney and their staff and thus save them time and you money.
  5. Timely cooperate with requests from your Raleigh attorney. If your Raleigh attorney asks for documents by a certain date, do your best to comply. This can seem common sense, but unfortunately attorneys can find themselves being provided documents the eve of trial that have to be reviewed and processed as exhibits, when they asked for these same documents months ago. This will affect your case. Your attorney can be polishing their case the eve of trial or copying exhibits the night before. It is up to the client to ensure the attorney and their staff have as much time as possible to properly prepare the case.
  6. Return the attorney/staff members calls or emails. Worrying about incurring expenses by talking to the Raleigh attorney or staff and not calling them back or otherwise responding will only hurt your case and inevitably cost you more money. Timely cooperation ensures the attorney and the staff can work your case efficiently. If they are missing information they need from you and they cannot get it because you will not be responsive, it will cause delay and hurt your case. Not to mention the extra time required to follow up with the client who will not respond, which costs the client more money.

Overall, timely compliance and communication with your attorney and his or her staff will go a long way in ensuring your case is handled effectively and save you money.

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