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5 New Divorce Trends that Might Work for Your Family

5 divorce trends

Statistics show that while the overall rate of divorce is decreasing, couples are divorcing later on in life. This means their lives are more intertwined. They have older children, and may even run a business together.

This may be one of the factors that is driving couples to divorce differently. Many couples aren’t choosing a simple split with a custody agreement. A lot of couples are finding better ways to work around divorce while keeping their family's mental and emotional help at the forefront.

5 New Trends that Might Help Your Family Cope with Divorce

Here are five new trends that might work for your family if you and your spouse are considering a divorce:

1. Nesting

The term “nesting” refers to a unique custody agreement where the children stay in the family home while each parent rotates in and out. This arrangement is far less stressful on children, than the usual schlepping between mom and dad’s separate domiciles.

Common Concerns with Nesting

While it’s less stressful on the children, that stress can also be re-assigned to the divorced couple. If you are considering a nesting arrangement, the family law legal team at Doyle Law Group strongly recommend making it temporary, perhaps until the children reach a certain age.

Some divorced couples that choose this method report that it makes it difficult to move on, and create a new life.

2. Even Custody Splits

Another rising trend when it comes to custody arrangements are even custody splits. That’s right, the whole “every weekend at Dad’s” trope is going by the wayside!

Divorced couples are choosing to live within close proximity each other to accommodate a 50/50 custody split.

This can be approached in a number of ways, but the most common is swapping homes every other week. This ensures that the children get equal time with both parents. Divorced couples should be prepared to see each other often and be in agreement about parenting styles should they choose this type of custody arrangement.

3. Continuing to Live/Work Together

Perhaps your relationship isn’t what it used to be, but you both want to stay in your living or work arrangement. Perhaps you co-own a successful business, or are truly best friends. Many couples find that they are comfortable in their lives, and wish to continue to live together, despite getting divorced.

Avoid Confusion by Making Intentions Clear

This arrangement works if you are in perfect agreement. If one spouse is still in love with the other, continuing to live/work together after a divorce could cause hard feelings. It could also be confusing to the children, especially if one or both of the former spouses begins to date.

4. Easing Into Divorce

Instead of a sudden split, some couples ease themselves and their family into divorce with slow changes. This is also known as a “soft landing.”

In this type of situation, the parents will live close together, and continue to have family dinners, vacations, and holidays together.

This divorce trend is particularly helpful for couples with small children that may have a hard time understanding divorce.

5. Divorce Coaches

It can certainly be overwhelming, which is why many couples are turning to divorce coaches. A divorce coach acts as a counselor and a sounding board, while guiding a couple through the emotionally difficult challenges of divorce. Some divorce coaches may also offer advice on finances or parenting during a divorce.

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Every couple is different, and if you feel a “traditional” divorce situation isn’t for you, talk it over with your spouse. You may find that one of these new divorce trends will be the solution you both want for your family!

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, contact the family law professionals at Doyle Law Group. Our legal team is ready to help you. We can be reached by calling 919-301-8843 or by completing the form below.

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