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Tips For Keeping Records During a Divorce or Child Custody Suit

Tips for keeping records from a Raleigh Divorce attorneyAn important component of many Raleigh family law cases is maintaining a record of all communications between yourself and the other party in case you may need documentation or evidence of the contents at a later time. Although it can be difficult to remember to keep track of such exchanges, doing so may benefit you during the course of your case. For example, in a child custody dispute, communications exchanged between parents can be a large part of the case itself. If you are sharing custody with your child/children’s father/mother, you will inevitably have to speak with him or her regarding the children. Parents often have to coordinate with one another when it comes to the child/children’s schedules, schooling, medical issues, or other matters. The things that you discuss with your child/children’s other parent can very relevant in child custody cases, and keeping a record of these communications between yourself and the other parent can be quite useful if you end up having to go to court.

Proper Documentation Provides Proof to the Judge

In a courtroom setting, presenting written evidence that the other parent is combative or that he or she is making poor decisions when it comes to your child or children can be even more effective than your testimony alone. With written documentation, you are not just telling the Judge that the other party acted in a certain way, but showing the Judge the other party’s behavior using tangible evidence. If you are going through a child custody dispute, it is a good idea in general to limit all communication between yourself and the other party in writing (whether in a text or an email). The contents of a verbal conversation can get distorted or forgotten over time, and can often lead to a he-said-she-said sort of argument. On the other hand, a written conversation is preserved on paper from the very moment it was first expressed.

You Might be Suprised

It is surprising what people will put in writing without thinking of the consequences. Of course, it is easy enough to make a mistake when you are in the heat of the moment and frustrated with the other party. However, you must keep in mind that everything you write may be brought to light later on and potentially used against you. Choose your words wisely and try to speak to the other party in the most polite and cordial way possible. Keep the conversation strictly related to the legitimate issues at hand.

More Benefits of Written Documentation for Raleigh Family Law Case

Written records can prove useful in other types of family law cases as well. For example, if your spouse writes you a letter confessing misconduct that he or she committed during the marriage (such as cheating), that letter can be used as evidence if he or she tries to deny that behavior later on. Also, discussions between spouses regarding finances or other property matters can be useful if a dispute arises.

Remember - Be Mindful of What You Say

In sum, the written word can be immensely helpful to your family law case in many ways. Keep in mind, however, that your words can also be very detrimental to your family law case at the same time, so always err on the side of caution when you are writing something down and sending it to the other party. Remember to keep track of everything, even things that may seem insignificant at the time, and keep them in a safe place for the record in your family law case.

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