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New Website Design From TheeDigital!

We are happy to present our new website built by TheeDigital, an award-winning Raleigh website design and internet marketing company. The site is built on the WordPress framework, which is an advanced and user-friendly content management system.

Some of our favorite features on our new website are:

Custom Built WordPress Website

We found the WordPress framework very easy to use. After some quick training from the TheeDigital team, we were able to easily edit pages, make new blog posts, and update our website without the help of a developer. TheeDigital did a great job building us a beautiful website that isuser-friendly and presents our legal services and information to visitors in an intuitive and accessible way.

Responsive Website Design For Phones And Mobile Devices

TheeDigital made sure that our website was easily accessible via mobile devices. This feature was important to us, because a significant amount of website traffic is from people who are browsing on mobile devices.  Responsive design allows for the website to adjust and resize various elements based on the size of the screen. Many websites require visitors to scroll around the website to find content on a phone, but with our mobile friendly website, we are able to get more leads and customers from mobile traffic.

High Converting Pages With Easily Accessible Contact Forms

One of the reasons why we chose TheeDigital is because they focus not only on design, but conversions. When they designed the website, they made sure that it centered around getting visitors to take action and contact us. They added easily accessible contact forms on every page and made sure that our content is targeting people in Raleigh, NC who are searching for our services in Google.

Easy To Use Website Blog

Our new website features a company blog that allows our team to publish company updates, as well as legal information that is useful to our clients. The blog is easy to use, and automatically formats all of the posts for us so that they look great and are easy for our visitors to navigate.

Contact TheeDigital for Raleigh SEO or Web Design Work

If you are interested in Raleigh web design or Raleigh SEO, please visit our friends at TheeDigital or call (919) 341-8901 .

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