Extraordinary Expenses

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The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines allow for the consideration of extraordinary expenses when calculating the amount of child support to be paid by one parent to the other. What exactly constitutes an extraordinary expense?

Extracurricular activities would not be considered an extraordinary expense. Below are the expenses that may be taken into consideration when calculating child support as being extraordinary:

  • Expenses related to special or private elementary schools to meet a child’s particular educational need; or
  • Expenses for transporting the child between the parent’s homes if the court feels it is necessary, reasonable, and in the child’s best interests.

Private / Public School

With regard to private school education, you must determine whether that type of education is necessary to meet your particular child’s educational needs. Evidence of any issues that are being addressed at the private school versus what would be available at the public school your child would otherwise attend. The argument by the party not wanting this to be considered in the child support calculation would be that private school education is not necessary, so evidence that it is essential to your child’s particular medical need is important.

Travel Expenses

Expenses for transporting the children between parent’s homes can be critical in cases where there is a significant difference between the parent’s homes. Evidence of the actual cost will be important to justify the court to take these expenses into consideration (statements showing airline charges or gasoline charges would be helpful as an example.)

Do keep in mind that, regardless of the actual expenses, the court would still need to determine that taking these expenses into consideration would be necessary, reasonable, and in the child’s best interests.

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