raleigh divorce lawyerAt the Doyle Law Group, our experienced Raleigh divorce lawyers provide expertise for divorce, child support and other family law situations. Our legal team provides a resolution through proper negotiation.

We will aggressively represent you during your Raleigh divorce for separation agreements, divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, divorce arbitration or family litigation in the North Carolina courts.

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Our legal team will provide the right expertise and strategy to successfully handle your case.

A divorce lawyer in Raleigh, NC can provide you an absolute divorce or simple divorce, which means changing your legal status from married to unmarried. Prior to your divorce, it is wise to discuss issues such as alimony, property division, and child custody with your divorce lawyer.

Seeking a “No Fault” Divorce in North Carolina

North Carolina is considered a “no-fault” state regarding divorce. This means that couples wishing to end their marriage can do so without having to prove marital fault of adultery, physical or emotionally abusive behavior or cruelty, economic faults or substance abuse.

A divorce can be granted by establishing a one year separation where a spouse has not made an attempt to reconcile the relationship in that period.

A “no-fault divorce” is usually the easiest type of divorce to obtain. Since no marital fault has to be proved, the divorce process is usually more straight forward.

Q and A from a Raleigh Divorce Lawyer

How long before my NC divorce is finalized?

After a year separation, either spouse can petition the court for a divorce. How long does a divorce take? Divorce itself can take either a short time or a long time to complete depending on any opposition from the divorcing parties.

A contested divorce can extend over a period of months.

Where do I file for divorce?

In Raleigh, a divorce can be filed at the Wake County Courthouse, located at 316 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh NC.

What are the costs to file for a divorce?

There are a few fees that are associated with a divorce.

First, filing for a divorce decree is $225. If the filing spouse wishes to return using their former name, a $10 charge will be added.

I’ve moved to North Carolina from out of state. How long do I have to wait to divorce?
After residing in the in the state for a period of six months, you may file for a divorce.

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During divorce, you will be faced with many challenges, both emotional and financial. Having legal support from the right divorce attorney is crucial during this time.

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