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Getting a divorce is one of the most traumatic, stressful ordeals a person can go through. In addition to the physical upheaval going on in your life, you’re also struggling with the emotional upheaval of a marriage dissolving and your life changing. Depending on your circumstances, your first reaction may be to seek out an aggressive divorce attorney to make sure you get the outcome you want, whether it’s child custody, spousal support, or property division

In fact, many clients will say they need a “pit bull” on their side or talk about “getting even” or “winning” their divorce. With that frame of mind, choosing an aggressive divorce lawyer seems like the only way to “win.” However, choosing a divorce lawyer based solely on whether or not they are willing to fight dirty can backfire and leave you with expensive fees,a lengthy court case, and additional emotional trauma.  

Instead, it’s important to partner with an assertive divorce lawyer who will fight on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome while also behaving ethically and looking out for your best interests. At the Doyle Law Group, our team has years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of divorce law and will help you navigate the difficulties of divorce while providing you with the counsel and advice you need to move into your new future with confidence. 

Traits of an Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

 Choosing an aggressive divorce lawyer who promises to help you win a huge settlement or not have to pay support may seem advantageous. However, that aggressive “junkyard dog” style of legal maneuvering is more focused on the “win” than either their client’s best interests or in alignment with legal ethics. Aggressive divorce law firms who are not interested in their clients’ best interests often display the following qualities:

  • Refuses to negotiate or advises their client against an out-of-court agreement.
  • Refuses to work with the opposing counsel. 
  • Makes lofty promises or sets unreasonable expectations for their client, such as exorbitant alimony payments or getting sole custody.
  • Pressures the client into making false claims against their spouse.
  • Feeds feelings of anger, spite, or revenge. 

These actions are not only highly unethical, but in most cases, they are unsuccessful. Overly aggressive divorce attorneys often push for trials and high settlements because it allows them to charge more in fees. They want to look out more for their own best interests than their clients’, though in the courtroom, these tactics are frowned upon and may result in a poor outcome. 

Choosing the Right Aggressive Divorce Lawyer 

Instead of choosing an aggressive divorce lawyer who only wants to fight, consider choosing representation from a lawyer who is willing to not only fight on your behalf, but also to negotiate, listen, and advocate, too. Consider choosing an aggressive divorce lawyer who has a strong reputation while displaying the following qualities: 

  • Seeks to collaborate with the opposing attorney
  • Pursues negotiation and settlement options
  • Discusses all types of scenarios and possible outcomes with their clients.
  • Seeks to resolve the case.
  • Sees trial as a possibility but not always the best option.
  • Acts with integrity

Many aggressive divorce lawyers also display these qualities. In fact, the divorce attorneys at The Doyle Law Group aggressively seek the best outcome for their clients, though that may come from a collaborative divorce or amicable divorce, not the courtroom battle many people think of.  

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