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Understanding Bifurcated Divorce in Raleigh

Raleigh bifurcation divorce lawyer

If you are concerned it will take months, even years to finalize your divorce due to complicated settlement issues, such as property distribution and child custody,a bifurcated divorce may be right for you. Unlike most other types of divorce, a bifurcated divorce means the divorce is legally finalized before all the details are complete. 

In most divorce cases, the couple must have a comprehensive settlement or agreement in place that includes issues like how property will be divided, how joint financial accounts will split, and any determination of child or spousal support. However, in a bifurcated divorce, the settlement is treated separately from the divorce itself. A judge will grant the divorce while the couple and their divorce attorneys can negotiate terms outside court. If no settlement can be achieved, a trial date can be set to allow a judge to settle the terms.

The experienced bifurcation divorce lawyers at The Doyle Law Group, P.A. in Raleigh can help you navigate the process so you can legally divorce your spouse quickly so you have the freedom to move on. At the same time, we’ll work on your behalf to provide the experienced counsel you need to achieve the best possible outcome in your settlement. 

Why Choose a Bifurcation Divorce Attorney?

While bifurcated divorce is a fairly new concept in divorce law, there are several reasons this may be beneficial. 

Tax Purposes

If tax time rolls around during your divorce, you would have to file as “married, filing separately,” but if you can finalize your divorce quickly, both of you can file as “single,” on your taxes. This can be beneficial in the event of owning a business or if one of you earns significantly more than the other. 

Desire to Remarry

Some divorces can take years to finalize, and during that time, one or both parties may choose to remarry. A bifurcation divorce attorney can help you finalize your divorce quickly so you can move on to remarry. This can also affect factors in the settlement, such as spousal support, so in this case, bifurcated divorce is especially beneficial.

Prevent Delays

In some cases of contested divorce or issues where there are disagreements about the settlement, one party may try and delay divorce proceedings. Finalizing the divorce itself prevents those delays that keep you from moving on.

Trauma and Domestic Violence

In the event of trauma, such as infidelity or emotional abuse, or domestic violence, finalizing the divorce is a step in healing. Additionally, being divorced can offer additional protections in the case of domestic violence. Some victims are willing to forgo their rights in a divorce settlement, such as property and support, if it means finalizing the divorce more quickly. However, a bifurcation divorce lawyer can help get a fair settlement without a victim having to stay legally married.

Consult with a Bifurcated Divorce Lawyer in Raleigh

If you would like to finalize your divorce as quickly as possible without giving up the settlement you deserve, the bifurcation divorce attorneys at The Doyle Law Group in Raleigh can help. We can discuss your options and provide you with the experience and expertise you need to navigate this complex issue. We can also walk you through other divorce options, such as collaborative divorce or simple divorce to determine which option is best for your case. 

To learn more about bifurcated divorce or schedule a consultation, contact us at  (919) 301-8843.

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