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At Doyle Divorce Law, we know divorce can be overwhelming, confusing and time-consuming. That's why we are here to help you by providing as many resources for you as we can. We've gathered all the information we can to try to enable you to learn what you need to know to navigate this trying process. Please see the links below.

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News & Info

Latest divorce news & information from our blog

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Alimony Library

Learn about North Carolina Alimony law

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Child Custody

Child custody can be complicated. Get some help.

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Divorce Basics

All the in's and out's to help you through this process

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an attorney or can I do this myself?

If you are not sure about any legal issue, it always wise to consult an attorney. Many attorneys have reasonable consultation fees where you can gather information and decide for yourself. In most instances you have the right to undertake to represent yourself, but the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not the issue you are dealing with is worth spending an hour with an attorney to be sure. Even attorneys generally do not represent themselves in Court. If you do choose to represent yourself, be careful, do your homework, and think about at least consulting an attorney along the way.

Simply call or fill out the contact form and we can make you an appointment to meet directly with an attorney immediately.

In most cases we can quote you an exact fee if you know exactly what representation you need, and if the matter is complex, we can generally provide you a range.

Attorneys are ethically forbidden to guarantee an outcome in any particular case. We can however provide you guidance based on our years of experience with regard to your potential for success and the strength of your case as we know it.

We believe you should approach an attorney like you would any other professional offering you a service. Consult with them before hiring. Ask hard questions about their experience. Ask them how many cases of this type they handled. Judge for yourself their ability to present a case convincingly. Ask your friends and family about the lawyer you are considering. Do not just pick someone from a television or radio ad and pay them what they ask. Fees that attorneys charge vary greatly, so make sure you ask about fees and demand a written fee agreement before they start work.

Both. A good attorney will be both tough and reasonable. Many attorneys sell themselves on their “toughness” or proclivity to fight with the opposing attorney. Some work very hard to earn a reputation of being unreasonable and angry, if not outright rude. They believe that they can make other attorneys or parties back down simply due to their outrageousness. We do not believe this attitude serves our clients. We believe in aggressive representation, but also aggressiveness with a purpose. When we work out the deal that is best for our Client in light of the circumstances, it is time to stop fighting and settle. Demanding concessions from the other side that are contrary to the law and are patently unfair or outright insulting only lead to the courtroom. While this may serve an attorney’s pocket book and ego, it does a major disservice to their client. When you meet with an attorney, question them about their style, and if you notice too much in the way of bravado and not enough common sense, think twice. On the other hand, if your attorney seems unwilling to fight for your rights, you may want to keep looking as well.

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Here are some legal resources you may find useful.

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