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I am not sure what was going on last week as far as the moon or other things that bring the crazy out of people in family court, but this week was full of drama with people and their children. Crying, threats, manipulation, the things I saw as an observer in the courtroom were heart breaking.

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I saw a lady who was representing herself in her custody case find out her case was not getting reached, sitting on the bench outside crying her eyes out. You hear about people still in the same house running around recording each other, trying to get the other one mad, so they can use it in court. In the midst of all this are the kids.

As a family law attorney I see kids way too often in the courthouse with their parents filling custody actions or even worse, going on to the 5th floor where domestic violence hearings take place at the Wake County Courthouse.

Don’t Forget Your Children’s Needs During Your Divorce

When you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of separating and have to decide on child custody, please remember this is not about the two of you, but about the children. Do you want to give them parents who try and work together to give them a better life or ones that just care about making the other person’s life a nightmare? If you need help in this regard, you can speak with a family law attorney regarding guidance in communication and interaction with your spouse.

Seek Professional Guidance for Emotional Support

Another suggestion if you have a hard time talking or working with the other parent, seek the assistance of a therapist. There will be circumstances where the other party is so toxic, has a mental illness or addiction, which will keep them from being able to co-parent. Get help for coping with your stress and emotions.

Therapists can provide you with you coping tools and a safe place to vent. Do not vent to your children about your problems or treat them like an adult friend. That puts more pressure on them than they need. Mom and Dad need to be strong for them, they don’t need to be strong for you.

Your family law attorney can also give you guidance with regard to finding an appropriate therapist for your child or for you and your child to engage in family therapy if you feel your relationship with your child is being affected by the divorce. Seeking help for problems is always a positive. Some folks are concerned that seeking therapy can be viewed as a negative.

If you have a concern about ow this may be interpreted by a judge in your custody case, you should seek the legal advice of an experienced family law attorney.

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