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How to Get Alimony in North Carolina

Steps to Get Alimony in Raleigh

If you are seeking alimony from your spouse, there are a few steps to take to receive your full entitlement. Our Raleigh alimony lawyers have worked with many of our clients to help them get the support they deserve.

Take These Steps to Get Alimony in Raleigh

In order to receive alimony, a spouse must do one of the following:

  • Negotiate an alimony award with their spouse and formalize any agreement with a legal and enforceable settlement instrument such as a Consent Order or Separation Agreement with alimony provisions.
  • File a legal claim for alimony (lawsuit) in District Court and successfully assert the claim.

There are no shortcuts and there is no county or government agency that will assert alimony claims on your behalf.

Divorce Lawyers Can Help Your Alimony Case

Our representation starts with an analysis of your finances and a determining of the appropriateness of an alimony claim. We give a preliminary opinion of the strength of your potential alimony claim and provide an estimated range, based upon our experience, of what an award would look like. We explain the law and how it relates to your case.

Then, we either attempt to negotiate a settlement at the outset of the case, or we file a claim for alimony in court. If your spouse is unwilling to share important financial information or is completely unreasonable, a lawsuit can be beneficial in obtaining additional information or assuring the other party takes the claim seriously.

Do You Have to Go to Court to Receive Alimony?

In most cases with facts that support an alimony award, we are able to settle claims without going to court. Occasionally we have to litigate alimony claims and we do so aggressively. Whatever the facts of your case, we will strive to ensure that you informed and treated fairly.

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