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Dealing with Depression and Anxiety During a Divorce

Dealing with divorce or other family law issues can be a very rough and stressful time for anyone. You may find yourself experiencing feelings of sadness, loneliness, and anxiety during this tumultuous time. It is important to remember to take care of yourself in addition to proactively working through your legal issues.

Trust the Guidance of Your Raleigh Divorce Lawyer

Your family law attorney certainly becomes an important presence in your life as you embark on the lengthy journey of divorce. You will share very personal details of your life with your family law attorney, and it is important for him or her to know this type of information. However, your family law attorney’s primary role is to assist you with the legal aspects of divorce or other family law issues. Although your attorney will listen to you, and will serve as your advocate and source of advice when it comes to your rights under the law, it is a good idea for you to seek outside support for the emotional side of things as well.

Options to Cope with Divorce

There are various ways in which you can seek emotional support during your divorce. You may decide to begin seeing a therapist who will give you advice on how to cope with emotional distress and other feelings you may have.

Children whose parents are divorcing can certainly benefit from seeing a therapist, especially when they may feel stuck in the middle between their two parents. A therapist can serve as a good neutral outlet for anyone who is going through an emotionally trying time in his or her life.

Talk with your primary care doctor and ask for his or her recommendation for a therapist that may accept your current insurance coverage.

There is also the option of participating in a therapeutic group setting such as a divorce support group. Being in an environment with other people that are dealing with the same types of issues can be comforting and beneficial, especially when you are feeling alone. Explore your local support group options to see if there may be one that is right for you.

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, remember to take some time out for yourself during the week. It is easy to get wrapped up in issues surrounding your spouse, children, and divorce, but it is so important for you to find something you enjoy doing and make it a priority. For example, you could enroll in a weekly art class or join a book club. Whatever your interests may be, an activity can do wonders for your stress management and overall happiness.

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