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Getting a divorce at 30 is not uncommon. In fact, people in their late 20s to mid 30s are the most likely to get a divorce as couples find themselves growing apart or want different futures. Just because it’s common doesn’t make a divorce easy, but with the right divorce attorney working on your behalf, you can avoid many of the common challenges that face couples in this age group getting divorced

At the Doyle Law Group, P.A., our divorce lawyers will help you choose the right type of divorce that will be most likely to help you meet your goals, whether that involves a simple divorce with minimal fuss or you’re facing a contested divorce with several factors affecting your case.

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A Simple Divorce at 30

For couples who don’t have children together or have minimal marital property to divide, an absolute divorce, often called “simple” divorce may be the right option. Following a mandatory one-year separation, in which the couple lives apart, the spouse seeking the divorce prepares and files a Complaint for Absolute Divorce, which is then served to the other spouse.

Because there is no need for a divorce settlement, custody, or any additional factors, your divorce lawyer can walk you through the process and submit any paperwork that needs to be filed on your behalf.

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Child Support and Child Custody

When a couple has children, one of the first issues to work out is a child custody and child support agreement. We understand that the last thing any parent wants is to subject their children to a bitter, acrimonious custody battle. The good news is that when both parents focus on the childrens’ best interest, custody agreements are worked out easily.

A collaborative divorce allows a couple to create your own settlement agreement outside of the courtroom. By working together with your divorce attorneys providing mediation, a custody arrangement and support payments that work best for the whole family can be achieved, rather than relying on a judge to know what will work ideally.

When the couple can’t agree on a custody arrangement or determine what is an appropriate amount of child support, it’s important to connect with a Raleigh divorce lawyer who is experienced in custody cases. Having an attorney who is able to provide the best representation and fight on their clients’ behalf often leads to the client receiving a custody agreement that is more ideal for the child.

Pet Custody

Pets are considered part of a family, and if there is contention or a disagreement about who gets custody of a pet, we can include living arrangements into a divorce settlement.

Dividing Property and Debt When Getting a Divorce at 30

Property division in North Carolina is based on equitable distribution – meaning dividing property and belongings should be fair, not necessarily equal. For example, a judge creating a settlement for a couple in which one person has a high income while the other party works part-time or is a stay-at-home parent will factor that in when determining what is fair.

Additionally, a couple who are around the age of 30 may not have a lot of property to divide, but there may be debts to consider. Even if one person created debt, such as ran up a credit card, because it occurred during the marriage, both parties may be liable for it.

Additional factors related to property division for people getting a divorce at 30 include:

Owning a home together with little to no equity

Owning or leasing a vehicle that isn’t paid off

Breaking a lease on an apartment

Separating furnishings and valuables

Separating joint savings or investment accounts

Dividing debts that were accrued during the marriage

Our divorce attorneys can help you with the valuation of your assets and ensure property and debts are divided fairly in your divorce settlement. If the divorce is amicable, a collaborative divorce can help you create a mutually beneficial settlement. However, if you are facing a contested divorce, having an aggressive divorce lawyer on your side can help you reach your goals.

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